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Unusual Kytherian deaths – how history has recorded them part 2

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Due to the popularity of our previous cause of death blog we have put together another list of some more unusual deaths of Kytherians.

Maria, wife of Janni Paspala born about 1769 was killed by her husband on 22 March 1809 in Logothetianika as he loved his neighbour instead.

Spiros Avgerinos born late 1700s to Ioannis Avgerinos and Zafiro Vatikioti drowned in a cistern on 23 July 1816 in Chora.

Papa Panagiotis Cristoforo (Koutroulidi) born 1752-1754 in Priniadika to Dimitri Cristoforo (Cutrilidi ) and Ellena drowned in the waters of Agia Pelagia on 6 September 1799.

Antonios Dantalos born 13 April 1740 in Chora to Signor Matios Dantalos and Signora Lugrezia or Prudenzia Stai, according to the writing of a priest at the time, died by eating himself to death. Papa Grigorios Logothetis at the time wrote "he was a glutton and stuffed by his usual meal he then ate too much honeycomb that his “navel unknotted“ and he died. They buried him in the castle because he stank so badly that they were not able to bury him in the cemetery." The true cause of death was probably a ruptured hernia.

Honeycomb similar to what Antonios would have eaten. Careful nto to eat too much so your navel does not unknot

Todorin Gavrili born about 1777 in Logothetianika to Giorgi Gavrili (Moutzouri) and Ellena. Todorin had been in Smyrna and returned to Kythera where he spent some time in the Lazareta, the quarantine station built in Kapsali in 1817. He returned home but a few days later he was on his way to Potamos when he felt sick. Some people helped him home at 11 o'clock and by 12 o'clock he was dead.

Spiridon Haros born 4 January 1915 in Manitohori died on 17 September 1922 from severe burns suffered two days earlier after an explosion of a boiler in his father's factory.

Vasilios Kasimatis born 24 December 1903 to Emmanouil Kasimatis and Antonitsa Triarchi died in June 1923. He served his country in war, probably in Asia Minor. While serving, he suffered from pleurisy and peritonitis. After two months of agony he ended his life in a ward at Thessaloniki Hospital.

Anargiros Kominos was born 10 August 1890 to Nikolaos Kominos (Vlastaris) amd Sofoula Georgopoulos died in Chico, Butte, California, United States on 26 August 1928 from a ruptured appendix.

Theodoros Koroneos born 3 February 1784 in Potamos to Ioannis Koroneos (Gegeri) and Aurelia Cristoforo died on 15 August 1825 by either hanging himself from a fig tree or a fig tree falling on him.

Ioannis Megalokonomos born 8 October 1836 to Michalis Megalokonomos (Kaloveloni) and Andriana Raftaki slipped and fell on the roadway, injuring himself quite badly. Despite the efforts of Doctor Vasilios Tsigouni he passed away five days later on 20 June 1893.

Signature of Ioannis Megalokonomos found in the Ilariotisas church registers

Kerana Potiri born 10 December 1796 in Frouriou, Milopotamos died on 22 August 1815 when she fell or jumped off a rock ledge at Harmeretou and died. Her body was fished out with hooks.

Manolis Souris born 1 January 1878 to Panagiotis Souris and Gligoria Betou died in St. Josephs Hospital in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States on 11 December 1907. His official cause of death was internal injuries due to falling from a building about 20 feet, probably accidental. He died 14 hours after the fall.

Anastasios Triarchis born 1 June 1897 to Georgios Triarchis (Manios) and Frosini Kouantri died as a soldier when he was wounded in the skull during operations in Asia Minor in August 1923.

Aggelos Viaros born 26 January 1853 to Papa Ioannis Viaros (Tzaouhis) and Maria Aspioti died in Kythera in 1922 or 1923 not long after returning from America from epilepsy.

The following people have been confirmed to have died from smallpox, but smallpox would have been a very common cause of death during epidemics, such as 1770.

Cherana Caligero born about 1759 to Janni Caligero (Pizini or Carcali) and Marieta Condoleo. She died 4 October 1766 in Pitsinianika.

Todora Calighero born to Valerios Kalligeros and Cali Stratigou died as a child on 27 March 1722 in Pitsinianika.

Valerios Kalligeros born 26 April 1693 to Papa Theodoros Calighero and died 28 February 1721/2 in Pitsinianika.

Ligoria Tzortzopoulou born 30 November 1849 to Panagiotis Tzortzopoulos and Anna or Kerana Krithari died about 1895.

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