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Faces on Kytherian Tombstones

A wonderful feature about Kytherian graves is they often include a photo of the departed, no matter where in the world this grave may be.

We have done our best to identify the people in these images with the facts as found on the tombstones, but we do know the tombstone information can be incomplete therefore making the identities of these photos incorrect. 

If you can confirm an image is correct or you can correct the details of an image please fill out the form below. We would really appreciate your help. 

Excuse the quality of some of the images. You must remember that these photos have been on a tombstone and exposed to the elements for over 70 years. We have done our best to enhance each image. If an enhancement looks bad, remember that this is better than the original, so this might give a sense of how bad some of the original images are.

Images are for personal use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

Alifieris - Lourandos

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