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Kytherian Church Register Deaths


Church registry records are an important source of family history as they record baptisms, marriages and funeral services. While most church registers, now housed in the Kytherian Archives, end in 1865, the church registry books differ in start dates for each church. Some commence as early as the late 1600s, however most start in the mid to late 1700s. Over many decades, these books were treated and restored by archivists, and uploaded to the State Archives of Greece website. Using these digital archives over seven years, Amalia and Kalie have learnt to decipher, read and translate each and every listing from Greek into English. These total approximately 45,000 individual registry listings.

 Reading these pages was challenging as the state of the pages differed; some pagers were torn, missing, faded or eaten by worms. Much of the handwriting, especially before the 1800s, was hard to read, with old-style Greek spelling and terminology.  As a result, there were many illegible entries, and it is strongly recommended the scanned document is viewed for confirmation.

​Although most church registers have survived, sadly some have not. Due to the high volumes of church registers, we are still continuing to translate and verify the records. Those that have been translated to date up to 1841 are included in the databases, with some to 1865, with the remainder being added overtime. 

Note: In the database (p) indicates the person had died. Titles for people such as papa, afenti, sior etc are listed after the given name.

Filter the table below to narrow down your search FILTER INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Click filter at the top of the table below. 2. Click "Add condition" and then choose an option from the first dropdown menu. 3. Click an option for how you want to search in the second dropdown menu. We recommend "contains". 4. Enter your search in "Enter a value". (ie. name or surname) TIP: When searching less is more. For example, if searching for Panagiotis we recommend entering Pan or even just P. TIP: It is not necessary to use the first letters of your search. STR will display names Stratis and Efstratios. TIP: To view the entire note field click the cell. 5. To clear the filter menu from the screen click anywhere on the table. 6. Click a cell and right arrow or use the scroll bar at the bottom to see all columns. 7. If needed, repeat steps 1 to 3 to add another field to narrow down the results even more. 8. You can add as many filters as you need.

To view the scanned document 1. Click the link in the last column of your item of interest. 2. Find the book containing the year in question and click the link. 3. Click the grey tab at the top of the listings that says "Reproductions". 4. Find the file number of interest and click it.

© Amalia Samios, Kalie Zervos and Kytherian Genealogy Project by Amalia and Kalie. For personal use only. Commercial use strictly prohibited. Not to be copied in any way without prior written consent. We make no warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy and completeness of the data and it is recommended that the original document be examined.

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