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Historic Paratsoulkia (Nicknames)

Nicknames given to people is priceless when it comes to tracing a Kytherian family tree. There may be two men with the exact same given surname and father's name born in the same year. The 1849 census literally has 18 Minas Aronis in Aroniadika listed. Sometimes the only way you will be able to trace the correct family is by this paratsoukli.

Below is a list of historic paratsouklia found so far in historic documents. The oldest and youngest birth years of people with the name are included to give an indication how long a nickname was used for. As you can imagine, the nickname was not often used on official documents so we know they may have been used longer than indicated and there must be many hundreds more that were never recorded. 

Some surname/byname combinations were used in different villages so if only one village is listed it is the most common one, but it may not be limited to that village.

This list was extremely difficult to put together, the most difficult yet, but includes the vast majority of the paratsouklia found in documents, but not all. If you know of others not included in this list email us and we can research this for you. If you know of current nicknames you can submit it to our current parstsouklia database here. It is also difficult to determine exactly when a name stopped being a nickname and changed to be a surname in its own right.

Filter the table below to narrow down your search FILTER INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Click filter at the top of the table below. 2. Click "Add condition" and then choose an option from the first dropdown menu. 3. Click an option for how you want to search in the second dropdown menu. We recommend "contains". 4. Enter your search in "Enter a value". (ie. surname or paratsoukli) TIP: It is not necessary to use the first letters of your search. KAS will display names such as Kasimatis, Kastrisios and Flaksas. TIP: To view the entire note field click the cell. 5. To clear the filter menu from the screen click anywhere on the table. 6. Click a cell and right arrow or use the scroll bar at the bottom to see all columns. 7. If needed, repeat steps 1 to 3 to add another field to narrow down the results even more. 8. You can add as many filters as you need.

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