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For convenience, we have listed all our sources with the Greek spelling of surnames to keep things uniform and for ease of searching. This will help the confusing issue of different spellings of surnames both Greek and Anglicised once a person immigrated. When looking for a married female it is best to check her maiden name first, but if you are looking for her grave we recommend searching her married name and her maiden name.

Newspaper databases are transcribed as written in the original document.


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Kytherian Church Register to 1865 
Added Estavromenos Chora 14 March 2024

ytherian Newspaper Social News to 1949
All 1949 titles on 11 April 2024
    Arrivals and Departures
Other Databases
 Military Service
Historic Paratsouklia (nicknames)


Amalia and Kalie have spent countless hours finding and photographing graves of thousands of Kytherians in cities and small country towns including over 2500 graves in every cemetery and churchyard they could find in Kythera. Kytherian Grave Project is about bringing information and images found on these tombstones together to make a valuable resource for family historians around the world to use. This sub-project is a work in progress. All research to date can be found in the links below.

Faces on Tombstones  

Faces on Kytherian Tombstones   

Australian TombstonesKytherian Tombstones  

American Tombstones

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