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Kytherian Information


Kytherian Genealogy Project by Amalia and Kalie 

Our resources page has some wonder database unavailable anywhere else on the internet and is added to very regularly, often weekly.

A fabulous website where Kytherian from around the world contribute stories, photos and information. Well worth a look.

Family Search

This site has digitised Kytherian documents including birth, death and marriage certificates up to 1932. Access is free but you will need to visit your local Family History Centre to view the images. You will also find census and other important informations her. Well worth searching.

Greek Digital Archives (GAK)

Best site for viewing actual documents. Over 14,000 hand written church register images as well as some notary papers are available at the moment, but more has been promised in the future including completing notary papers upload.

1864, 1876 and 1878 Voters Lists

These voters lists are available at the GAK site above. They lists all males of voting age, but be aware the ages listed for each person are the most inaccurate fact we have found for any document so far. They show father's name, age and occupation for each male.

Old Kytherian Newspapers

Many old Kytherian newspapers have been digitised and are available to read. All are in Greek but they are a wealth of information.

Australian Information

National Archives of Australia 

 If your ancestors immigrated to Australia, a visit to the National Archives website is well worth your time. The site contains lots of information including naturalisations, passenger lists and war records.


This is a fabulous site to use when searching for Australian stories about your ancestors. This site contains an enormous amount of material from Australian newspapers and other sources and it is completely searchable. Newspapers are a wonderful source of information, ranging from major news stories to trivial facts.

World Wide Information


The best website to find the final resting place of your ancestors. Although you will not find any graves from Kythera, you will locate graves from elsewhere in the world. If you are lucky, you may find a photo of the grave or tombstone. This site gets added to constantly, so if you do not find what you are looking for, you should check in the future. 

Billion Graves

Another great site for finding the graves of your ancestors. Works the same way as Find-A-Grave, so you will not find any graves from Kythera, but the Kytherians that travelled may be found. Again, it is best to look back often as graves are being added all the time.

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