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Are you having trouble tracing your Kytherian ancestry? We are here to help you locate records of your ancestors born in Kythera or compile a full family tree for you.

Through our years of research we have built up a rich and diverse Kytherian family history library which we believe is the largest in the world. Our family trees not only include the standard births, death and marriage details, but also also other facts we might find about your ancestors. For example, brief physical descriptions, school enrolments, results, absenteeism and truancy, passport applications, travel destinations, number and types of weapons owned or even if your ancestor owned a donkey in the 1820s! 

To get started, all we need is the name of your ancestor(s) born on Kythera more than 100 years ago, or married on the island before 1932, and we can compile your family tree. All branches of all wives where a surname can be found will be included, as well as all children for each ancestor. Most family trees date back to the mid 1600s on at least one branch and will include hundreds of people.

All family trees include reports and charts with all facts cited. See below for examples (this is not cited). If you live in Australia, we will send you a bound book that is often between 100-200 pages. If you are overseas, we will send you a pdf file that you can print at your local store.

If you are interested in any of our services fill out the form below and we will give you a quote. We usually respond to emails the same or next day so if you have not received a reply email within a few days please check your junk or spam folders.

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