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Militrary Service

Military service is compulsory for all males in Greece. For our research it seems that doing military service in the Greek Navy was decided by ballot and, fortunately for us, the people chosen were sometimes published in newspapers. This database shows the year they were called to serve.

The date shown is the date the newspaper was published. The year they were called to serve is listed.

Filter the table below to narrow down your search FILTER INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Click filter at the top of the table below. 2. Click "Add condition" and then choose an option from the first dropdown menu. 3. Click an option for how you want to search in the second dropdown menu. We recommend "contains". 4. Enter your search in "Enter a value". (ie. name or surname) TIP: When searching less is more. For example, if searching for Panagiotis we recommend entering Pan or even just P. TIP: It is not necessary to use the first letters of your search. STR will display names Stratis and Efstratios. TIP: To view the entire note field click the cell. 5. To clear the filter menu from the screen click anywhere on the table. 6. Click a cell and right arrow or use the scroll bar at the bottom to see all columns. 7. If needed, repeat steps 1 to 3 to add another field to narrow down the results even more. 8. You can add as many filters as you need.

To view the original newspaper 1. Note the date and page number then scroll to the right of your search result to find the newspaper link.  2. Click link the click date range, then find the date of the newspaper you want.  3. An article often including the word ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΑ is where the social news will be found. If this can not be found then look for a column with subheadings.

Dates included with more being added regulary: 

1926 to 1934

© Amalia Samios and Kytherian Genealogy Project by Amalia and Kalie. For personal use only. Commercial use strictly prohibited. Not to be copied in any way without prior written consent. We make no warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy and completeness of the data and it is recommended that the original newspaper be examined.

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