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Unusual Kytherian deaths - how history has recorded them

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

One of the aspects of our research into Kytherian families that has disappointed us is the fact that death records very, very rarely show a cause of death. Occassionally we do find some and they can be wonderful. Here are some of the more unusual ones. Some causes of death are very general yet some a quite detailed. Some answer questions while others ask more questions.

Maria, wife of Papa Todorin Caridi born about 1761 to unknown parents. She died on 27 December 1785 and was buried in her husband’s family tomb. When her father-in-law died four years later and they opened the family tomb to intern him it was discovered that Maria had been buried alive. She had given birth to a child and the lower part of the tomb had been pulled away and there were other signs not described.

Spiros Andriadakis born 27 February 1850 in Chora to Pietro Andriadachi and Maria Aroni. He died in November 1895 when he killed himself from the “fury of persecution” and left behind a pregnant wife and three daughters.

Vreto Combi born 1733-1737 to Todorin Combi and Gligoria died in Logothetianika on 15 November 1800 from drinking poison.

Four Kytherian men and one man from Zakinthos "suffered at the scaffold" (hanged) for piracy in 1838. These men were:

Giannis Fardoulis born 8 September 1817 to Nikolaos Fardoulis (Plautina) and Stamatichi Fardouli.

Georgios Frilingos born 8 April 1813 to Kosmas Frilingos (Georgas) and Anezina.

Benetos Greggis born 20 January 1815 or 4 February 1815 to Emmanouil Greggis and Zafiro Kakara.

Vreto Leondarachi born 18159-1817 to Papa Giorgi Lendarachi (Kates) and Chiriachi Lendarachi.

The dead men's families were responsible for the "costs and charges to which they were condemned". This amounted to £193-11- 10 6/10 which included an amount of £16-11-3 for the Cerigo police.

Gianni Fardoulis’ two brothers were the men who inherited Gianni's estate, therefore they were responsible for this debt. The notes on the document describe the brother's situation as "labouring under difficulties, the Father died in debt and his Property was sold by the Creditors. One of the brothers is in the Asylum at Corfu."

Georgios Frilingos’ property was left to his son at his death, and he had a daughter who was already provided for.

Benetos Greggis’ family property was held by his six surviving brothers at his death. This comprised of two houses. Three of these brothers had trades, while the other three were minors.

Vretos Leondarachi’s family property was held by his four surviving brothers after his death. They had "just as much landed as gives them their bread". One brother was a mason, two were labourers and one a priest suffering "slight mental derangement".

Konstantinos Gavrilis born 6 January 1841 in Logothetianika to Nicolo Gavrili and Stamata Aroni was stabbed to death on 19 May 1898 in his shop in Pireaus. He had no enemies or bad relations with anybody and was liked and respected by his fellow countrymen. There were no clues as to who murdered him.

Panagiotis Papaspiropoulos, a barber from Agios, was murdered by his father-in-law Emmanouil Kasimatis born 22 September 1860 to Peros Kasimatis (Boutieris) and Frosini Calocherno in the home of Emmanouil's brother Konstantinos on 19 July 1922. He was murdered for honor and financial reasons. After murdering his son-in-law, Emmanouil stabbed himself, sustaining four minor wounds to various parts of his body and one serious wound in the right groin area. He was arrested and put under guard in his house until he was later escorted to Githeon.

Nikolaos Kombis born 17 October 1845 to Kirikaos Kombis and Frosini Veloni died on 10 July 1909 by falling off a building he was working on in Katsoulianika. His brother Panagiotis was born 14 October 1852 and he died diving for sea sponges.

Michalis Koroneos (Psefti) born September 1739 to Jani Coroneo and Aurelia Benardo and his granddaughter Frosini Koroneou born 28 March 1803 to Giannis Koroneos (Pseftis) and Attusa or Anthula Diacopullo were in a field in Potamos when they were struck by lightning and killed on 18 November 1808.

Constantinos Lazaretto born about 1821 to Doctor Demetrio Lazaretto and Georgia Macherioti died on 24 March 1895 when he fell into a well in Livadi.

Signature of Constantinos Lazarettos

Ioannis Megalokonomos born 6 February 1897 to Michalis Megalokonomos (Dimarchos) and Vreti Steliou drowned at Agia Pelagia on 2 September 1911.

Grave of Ioannis Megalokonomos, buried with his father in Potamos cemetery

Minas Prineas born 10 January 1814 to Ioannis Prineas (Dangali) and Margeta Christoforou secretly went swimming to the small island called Dragonares off the coast near Avlemonas and drowned on 20 November 1827. His body was never found.

Ioannis Stratigos born 7 July 1839 in Frouriou to Dimitrios Stratigos (Pakalaos) and Gligoria Conomo is possibly the first Kytherian to die in Australia. On 13 December 1887 he was working with three other men in felling a tree. The trunk of the tree snapped and a branch of the tree pinned Ioannis underneath it. When he was removed he was "quite insensible". He was taken to a doctor but was "quite dead" when he arrived. He died from a fractured skull.

Fotini Vlanti born 20 August 1855 to Panagitois Vlantis (Trifilis and Galanis) and Maria Frilingou died at 11pm on 23 January 1923 when she slipped and fell off a 40m cliff as she was coming from Fonissi.


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