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Temora, NSW – its history and Kytherian presence

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Located 50 km NW of Cootamundra

Industries Mining, wheat, oats, barley, poultry, eggs, cattle, sheep, horses, honey,


Temora about 1910-1920 - State Library of New South Wales

Timeline of Temora

1880 Town gazetted

1880 Gold rush

1880 Post office established

1880 Police station built

1880 School built

1880 Telegraph established

1880 Typhoid epidemic

1881 Cemetery established

1881 Fire brigade established

1881 Population 3254

1882 Major fire in town

1882 Gale

1883 Hospital built

1883 New school built

1891 Major fire in town

1891 Population 915

1893 Railway station built

1895 Cells added to police station

1895 Population about 1800

1896 Railway engine shed built

1897 Major fire in town

1899 Grasshopper infestation

1901 Post office additions and alterations

1901 Alterations and additions to telegraph office

1901 Population 1603

1902 Railway station refreshment room destroyed by railway accident

1902 Telegraph office burnt down

1902 Telephone exchange established

1903 New hospital built

1903 New railway engine shed built

1904 Cyclone and a woman killed

1904 Heatwave

1904 Post office burnt down

1904 Post office replaced

1904 Telegraph office rebuilt

1 Aug 1907 Dimitrios Kalligeros, born 1883 to Georgios Kalligeros and Kiriakoiula Kominou in Pitsinianika, went directly to Temora after immigrating to Australia. He was a refreshment room proprietor in Hoskins Street. He spent many years there.

1905 Bushfire

1909 Police barracks built

1909 Typhoid epidemic

1909 Kosmas Samios, born 1889 to Georgios Samios and Stamatoula Samiou in Aloizianika, spent seven months in Temora

1910 Major fire in town

Temora after the fire off 1910 - State Library of New South Wales

1910 New school built

1911 Population 3561

Abt 1911-1912 Vasilios Tambakis, born 1889 to Panagiotis Tambakis and Eleni Karidi in Areoi, lived in Temora

1912 Sale yards established

Abt 1912-1918 Panagiotis Samios, born 1896 to Ioannis Samios and Ekaterini Psarou in Pitsinianika, lived in Temora

1913 Electricity came to town

1913-1916 Dimitrios Samios, born 1898 to Ioannis Samios and Ekaterini Psarou in Pitsinianika, lived in Temora

Abt 1917-1920 Spiridon Kalligeros, born 1890 to Georgios Kalligeros and Kiirkaoula Kominos in Pitsinianika, lived in Temora

Abt1920 Andreas Kominos, born 1894 to Minas Kominos and Vretoula Kominou in Kominianika, spent 10 months living in Temora

Late 1922 Georgios Georgopoulos, born 1904 to Anastasios Georgopoulos and Eleni Cheltzou in Christoforianika, spent seven months in Temora when he first immigrated to Australia

1923 Dust storm

Sep 1923-1925 Ioannis Kalligeros, born 1897 to Pantelis Kalligeros and Vasilikoula Kalligerou in Pitsinianika, lived in Temora

1924 Powerhouse with 24.7 m chimney built

1924-1928 Ioannis Kasimatis, born 1905 to Gersimos Kasimatis and Anezina Leontzini in Pitsinianika, lived in Temora

1925-1927 Panagiotis Kalligeros, born 1901 to Panagiotis Kalligeros and Grigoria Kasimati in Pitsinianika, lived in Temora

1928-1929 Antonios Vamvakaris, born 1909 to Theodoros Vamvakaris and Kerani Zaglaniki in Vamvarakianika, lived in Temora

1929 Major fire in town

1 May 1929 Petros Simitekolos, born 1889 to Fotios Simitekolos and Ekaterini Kasimati in Katouni, lived in Temora until his death in 1949. He is buried in the local cemetery

1931 Major fire in town

1933 Powerhouse demolished

1933 Population 3823

1935 water reservoir built

1935 Major storm

1935 Water supply

7 Feb 1936 Dimitrios Tzortzopoulos, born 1900 to Georgios Tzortzopoulos and Olympia Tzortzopoulos in Karavas, died from injuries sustain in a motor vehicle accident. He was travelling by taxi to see a business he was wanting to purchase in a neighbouring town.

1939 Sewerage in town

1940 Airport built

1940 Old hospital demolished and new hospital built

1941 Airforce training school established

1941 Gale

26 May 1941 Nikolaos Katsoulis, born 1908 to Efstathiis Katsoulis and Maroula Gavrili in Katsoulianika, signed up for WWII

1942 Ioannis Kalligeros, born 1917 to Panagiotis Kalligeros and Kiriaki Maselou in Kalamos, served for Australia in WWII and was stationed in Temora

1942 Antonio’s Kaloutzis, born 1905 to Georgios Kaloutzis and Kiriaki Harou in Manitohori, served for Australia in WWII and was stationed in Temora

1942-1945 Emmanouil Kasimatis (Emanuel Casimatis), born 1918 to Gerasimos Kasimatis and Anezina Leontsini, served for Australia in WWII and was stationed in Temora

1947 Population 4179

1953 New sale yards built

1953 High school built

1954 Population 4567

1956 Technical college establish

1958 Additions to technical college

1961 Population 4469

1962 Additions to high school

1962 Nick Kassimatis of Drymonas settled in Temora. He worked for Patsy Semos in Semos Cafe fro three years before buying the business.

1964 Flood

1966 Additions to high school

1966 Population 4536

1967 Additions to school

1969 500,000 gallon steel water reservoir built

1971 Population 4325

1972 Additions to high school

1973 Hailstorm

1973 Automatic telephone exchange

1974 Flood

1976 Population 4324

1981 Population 4350

1986 Population 4295

1991 Population 4279

1992 Technical college became a campus of Riverina Institute

1996 Major upgrade to high school

1996 Population 4125

2001 Population 4146

2006 Population 4086

2010 New campus of Riverina College built on a new site

2011 Population 4417

2019 Dust storm


Historical Guide to New South Wales by Philip Simpson

National Archives of Australia naturalisation papers

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